Your Business is Different, and Deserves to be Found by More Customers.

It also deserves a unique digital marketing solution.

Unlock the power of Automatic Outreach for "hands-off" targeted local SEO that delivers real results and boosts new customer acquisition, effortlessly.

-> No long-term contracts, but our clients stay for years.

We Help Local Businesses Grow with SEO.


Different approach. Every client gets a customized solution.


Churning is for butter, not clients. Our clients stay 3x longer on ave.


Our efforts have generated ~$50M+ in new client revenue.

Clients We Serve

Our best work is done for local service businesses. We work across 50 industries.

If you offer services to a local market, and your customers turn to Google® to find a solution - we can help you.

Our clients are both white and blue-collar service companies.

These include home repair, professional services, plus medical, health, & dental offices as well.

We Serve:

  • 🎯 Local Businesses Who Target Local Customers
  • 👔 White Collar Services (Examples include Chiropractors, Dentists, Attorneys, Real Estate Investors, & Audiologists)
  • 🔧 Blue Collar Services (Examples include Home Repair, Trades, Car Detailing, & Junk Removal)
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What You Can Expect

How are we different?

Automatic Outreach is different in lots of ways. Here are a few...

1. Custom Approach

Every client project gets a tailored plan. Are you brand new to SEO or have you experienced multiple failed attempts in the past? Either way, we've got a plan.

We define your best starting point and create a roadmap to follow every single month. And we have one objective in mind...results.

2. Results Focused

Results are all that matter. Our work is focused on delivering them in the form of better rankings, more traffic, & increased customers. We create transparent reporting to monitor your results and give you self-service access.

3. Low Risk

We use simple pricing and a monthly subscription model. Why? Results should be the reason you stay and not the fine print buried in a 12 or 24-month contract. Need to go? No problem. Just give us 30 days notice. We won’t hold your website hostage or tank your campaign; we guarantee it.   

  • 300% Boost in SEO retention
  • 3Years Our clients stay for 3 years, on average. (Some stay for 10!)
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All Your SEO Under One Roof:
We manage it all so you can focus on running your business.

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Real Reviews

Testimonials from a few clients

"We have been using Automatic Outreach for our business for several years now with great results! Brant and his team are always professional and have a sense of urgency with everything they do. Automatic Outreach values their customers and it shows!"

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Jon M.

Window Cleaning Company Owner

"I’ve been working with Brant for almost a year now and it’s been nothing but a positive experience. He is very transparent, goal oriented, and professional. His work has significantly increased my lead generation in just a short amount of time and he continues to work hard for me and my business. 100% recommend!"

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Ryan C.

Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coating Owner

"Automatic Outreach is probably one of the best in the game, tried lots of different companies to help with our GMB listing and they by far are #1. They always get back to any questions we have regarding our listing very quickly and treat it like its their own. If I can give these guys more stars I would they truly deserve all the stars they can get. If you want more business without getting ripped off get a hold of these guys, the most honest seo company out there thanks again 👍"

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Martina O.

Auto Glass Repair Shop Owner

Can we tell you a secret?

Over the years, we've watched small business owners try to solve their need for reliable digital marketing support in a bunch of different ways, often resulting in a disappointing experience.

Our conclusion? 
The "old ways" of solving the SEO problem just don't work. 

Here are some of the approaches that fall short...

Mistake #1: Try to do it "in-house"

Some business owners attempt digital DIY. But SEO is technical stuff, and is constantly changing.

Owner-operators get stuck fast when trying to run their business and learn to manage their digital marketing. 

Frustrated, they sometimes delegate to an office manager (or family member) wearing multiple hats so they can learn how to do it.

While this might sound good on paper, it always fails due to inconsistent efforts and a steep learning curve.

The “start-stop” nature of getting pulled in multiple directions, and difficulty learning new technology makes this approach a non-starter.

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Mistake #2: Hire a new "marketing employee"

Sometimes, business owners get tempted to just hire a new marketing employee internally to handle digital marketing.

But there’s a problem.

Digital marketing is multi-faceted. It's hard to find a superman or superwoman with multi-disciplinary expertise.

People don’t learn SEO, PPC, or real-world digital marketing in college, and they don't study Google's algorithms in their spare time. This experience takes years to develop.

It’s impossible to ask a new hire to be skilled in every area of digital marketing, and it's ever-changing.

If you do find a "unicorn" hire, they will cost you $50-70k (plus insurance & headaches) and require on-the-job learning for 3-5 years.

And, they'll also require software subscription tools costing you $500+/mo on top.

We’ve had clients try this. The new marketing person ends up being our new point of contact in place of the owner while we continue to carry out all the work.

It's just not worth it for a small business.

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Mistake #3: Go with a "low cost" SEO company

Ever get those random SEO emails or cold calls promising you #1 on Google® for $499/mo? Hard pass.

We love Indian food as much as the next guy but please don't order your SEO from overseas.

Most clients who reach out for help have tried 3 or 4 “SEO companies” or freelancers in the past. It doesn't go so well.

Whether it was poor quality of work, no communication, language barriers, or they simply disappeared without a trace, we’ve heard it all.

And, if you’re dealing with a freelancer or consultant you have a single point of failure if they disappear. (And many do.)

Digital marketing requires a minimum cost to be done right. There is no getting around that.

Cutting corners always results in lackluster results. The same is true in your business, right? It's no different in ours.

You will get what you pay for - if not less.

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Mistake #4: Go with a fancy, big-buck agency.

Steering into the opposite ditch, some small business owners think hiring a large agency can solve all their marketing problems.

After all, those fancy proposals and case studies must mean better results, right?

This option can also disappoint but in a much more expensive way.

Your big monthly fee will help support their huge operational overhead, but not necessarily your results.

Due to their size and the challenge of servicing hundreds of clients, you'll get a cookie-cutter SEO plan.

Large SEO companies simply can’t give you custom, individualized attention. It's impossible.

But you'll get a shiny report every month along with “meh” results.

After the sale is closed, you’ll be assigned to a low-level account manager (read sales retention specialist) who may or may not be the same person you talk to next month.  

However, they do have a bulletproof contract.

This means no cancellation and paying them every single month until you are let out.

office content 1
office content 2

We solved this small business problem in a big way.

A Better Approach:
None of those are good options - so we changed it.

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Skip all the drama, and "plug into" your SEO dream team for a fraction of the cost and commitment.


Easy Pricing Clients Love  

1 Main City Location

$1799 /Monthly

Boost your online visibility with a complete SEO solution tailored to your business's local needs. Dominate 1 local city.

1 City Location
  • Strategic Local Keyword Research
  • On Page Optimization
  • Smart Content Creation & Topic Cluster Blogs
  • Fully-Managed Backlink Sourcing
  • Google Business Profile Management

3 City Locations

$3999 /Monthly

Same package features, but unlocks 3 local cities to rank in your metro area.

3 City Locations
  • All Same Features, plus...
  • #1 Location Homepage Focus
  • #2 Location Service Page Add-on
  • #3 Location Service Page Add-on
  • "Local Blitz" Package of 50+ Nearby Cities

*Fine Print? There is none

All plans include simple month-to-month pricing.
Just give 30 days' notice to cancel. No surprises.

Dip Your Toes In First

Explore if we're a good fit for each other. Tell us about your business, and get a FREE competitive "deep dive" with actionable tips if we are.
(Value $300.)

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We only work with 50 clients  (or less) at one time. 

We take our client's trust seriously and know our sweet spot. We limit our capacity to give individualized attention while delivering exceptional SEO results for our clients.

That's why we only have room for up to 50 clients at any given time.

Interested in working together? Great. Let's see if we're a good fit for each other and if we have a current opening. 

Just tell us about your business and your #1 goal for SEO.

We'll let you know if we can help your business - and, if we have room to take you on right now.

If so, we'll create a free competitive "deep dive" for you at no cost. ($300 value)

  • Click the "check availability" button below
  • Tell us about your business
  • See if we can help & have a spot open

See if your business is a good fit for us


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions.

Why don't you require long-term contracts for SEO?

It's easy. We believe results should be the reason why our clients choose to stay - not by making them sign annual contracts. And it works. Our average client stays with us for 3+ years, and some clients have been with us for 10+ years. Need to cancel? No problem. Just email us with 30 days notice.

How do you customize SEO strategy for my business?

We do a thorough analysis of your local competitors, target audience, and high dollar services to craft a strategy that is unique to your business needs. We follow a time-tested process developed across 50+ industries, and assess your progress monthly.

What type of websites do you optimize?

We prefer to perform SEO work on WordPress® websites. They offer the best features for SEO optimization, and we know them well. Don't have a WordPress® website, but want to switch? No problem, we'll connect you to a great solution to upgrade to a WordPress® website. 

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

Is your website brand new or been around for a while? Results vary based on age and stage, but generally speaking: It takes 6 to 12 months to achieve 50% of our ranking goals and 12-18 months before you're calling your Mom to tell her how awesome we are. SEO takes time; if someone promises rank by tomorrow, they are either inexperienced, lying, or both.

What kind of communication should I expect?

You'll have a dedicated SEO strategist who understands every aspect of your campaign. This means they can actually answer questions without having to get back to you. You can check real-time results anytime "on demand" through your link. Have a question? Drop us an email; we'll reply in 24 hours M-F. Reporting is self-serve, so you don’t have to schedule calls or monthly meetings. We don't schedule regular meetings, but you can always request one for personalized, in-depth attention if desired.

How do I measure results? 

Glad you asked! First, you'll know your SEO is working because your business climbs the rankings and you will begin to hear from new customers. Second, we set up keyword tracking for you to watch your keyword rankings change over time. This is updated every 24 hours. Third, you'll also receive visual reporting to see your Google® Business Profile's visibility plotted across your entire local search area as if you were standing on each street corner. Now that's an accurate assessment.

Ready to see if we are a good fit? 

Check Availibility