Terms of Service

Last update: Feb 20, 2024 

Here are our terms of service and scope of work.

1 City Location: Scope of Work

1. Activities included in our GBP management.

a. Initial GBP Manual Audit to identify optimization opportunities. 
b. GBP Listing Optimization implementation*
c. GBP Regular Strategic / Monthly Posting (~4/mo)*
d. Geo Grid Rank Tracking by Keyword, by Service Area

e. Citation directory audit of important business details including phone number across the web. If major inconsistencies in "major 70", we will pay to clean/overwrite using Yext. 
f. Seeding of data aggregators and GPS systems with important business details.
g. Ongoing and periodic citation directories identified and built. 
*Requires GBP access.

 2. Monthly Digital Marketing SEO Work (Website)
The goal of our ongoing SEO work is to increase your local online visibility to your website and awareness in addition to your GBP listing, ultimately driving more business.

This will include, but is not limited to the following deliverable tasks:

a. Initial local keyword research, customized for your business. (Final keywords will receive your approval prior.)
b. On-page website optimizations (Implement keywords on website w/content adjustments.)*
c. Optimized meta-data for page titles, descriptions, and URLs for keywords.

Sourcing and securing ongoing backlinks to influence the DR of the website. (~6 per year)*
d. Industry-specific link negotiations and trades (as procured)
e. Periodic keyword-centric informational blog posts (~6 per year)
f. Location schema implementation (as WP theme allows)*
g. Technical SEO monitoring w/fixes (quarterly attention, somewhat depending upon hosting company and WordPress theme limitations.)*
h. Keyword tracking and results monitoring (self-service, real-time)

*requires access to your website.

3 City Location: Scope of Work

This package includes the same tasks as the above 1 city package, but we add (2) additional city location service pages as well. 

The focus of these and other activities is to improve the visibility and rank of your website and GBP profile in search. Progress will be measured and reported via 3rd party rank tracking where you can see near real-time keyword rank.

We will need access to your website and GBP listing to carry out some of these tasks. We will advise you on how to provide our team access, but you are responsible for doing it. Your billing will continue regardless of any delays on your part in providing the required access to us. 

Changes Your Make to Website or GBP Listing: 
Our goal is to let you focus on your business while we handle the SEO stuff. This means you won't have to manage your website or GBP listing. Of course, you are welcome to make edits to your own website or listing. However, please check with us first.

We don't want you to accidentally overwrite or reverse the work we have done by mistake, delete important SEO data, or change your address, business name, or phone number on your Google listing. Such edits can trigger a suspension or drop in rankings by Google. We are not responsible for changes you make or for correcting the adverse effects of such changes. So please, we encourage you to check with us first or enlist our assistance in making these changes. We are here to make your life easier, and also help you avoid taking steps backward. 

While we cannot guarantee certain placement of rank in Google, our track record is strong and we enjoy very long-term client relationships based on performance.

Cancellation Policy:
This is a month-to-month service, billed 30 days in advance. We do not require long-term contracts, only a 30-day written notice prior to your bill date if you need to cancel for any reason.
Ex. If your bill is on June 1, you need to provide notice by or on May 1. Most of our clients stay with us for many years!

How to Cancel: 
Send an email to support (at) automaticoutreach.com expressing your desire to stop billing. We will stop billing if received 30 days prior, but complete scheduled work for that same period. 

Acceptance of Agreement Terms:
Your payment for services indicates acceptance of this scope of work, and entrance into a contractual agreement with Automatic Outreach, LLC and heirs or assigns as governed by the laws and courts of North Carolina, USA, beginning on the date of payment.